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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Cabbage

Is it Safe for Beardies to Have Cabbage (Napa, Red, Purple Etc)?

Cabbage is known to be a very healthy vegetable that is consumed by humans regularly. But is this green veggie can be eaten by your favorite pet bearded dragon? Or you need to keep it away from this pet of yours? A typical bearded dragon can consume different vegetables as their daily diet, but what about cabbage? You are required to explore different nutrients and other aspects of cabbage before you decide to feed it to this incredible creature. 

Can a bearded dragon consume cabbage?

A bearded dragon can feed on the cabbage as their daily diet. Different cabbage kinds are contained containing an adequately balanced calcium to phosphorus ratio and other essential nutrients. On the other hand, this vegetable is low in sugar and fat as well. Moreover, it even has fiber in moderate amounts, so that it helps in the healthy digestion of food for the bearded dragon. 

More on whether a bearded dragon can eat cabbage?

If you happen to have a bearded dragon as a pet, you need to check the nutritional aspects and other things of cabbage before feeding it to your pet. Cabbage may be a portion of good and healthy food for humans, but the same cannot be said for bearded dragons until you know everything about this vegie and how it interacts with the bearded dragon’s system.

As per the many experts and vets, cabbage is safe for bearded dragons to consume. Moreover, some experts suggest that cabbage can be used as a regular food source for this creature. But there are some things to consider first. As there are different types and kinds of cabbage and its nutritional value may differ. 

So some cabbage is better for this creature than the other ones. You just need to determine this before feeding your pet. Nevertheless, most cabbage effectively provides positive health benefits for a bearded dragon and can thus be added to the regular salad bowl. 

Is cabbage good for baby bearded dragons too?

Cabbage is also known to be quite a healthy food for even baby bearded dragon as well. But this food should be fed to baby dragons in moderation. 

  • Depending on the type of cabbage you offer to a bearded baby dragon, it can have a different amount of calcium mineral, which is suitable for this exotic creature’s bone development. 
  • Calcium is specifically useful for those bearded dragons that increase as it provides the necessary nutrition in their bone development. 

It is essential to remember that green vegetables are supposed to be fed to adult and baby bearded dragons as a secondary source of food. As the primary food source, they should provide such a diet that consists of insect and protein-based food sources. They need a smaller amount of plant-based veggies and greens for their nutrition and development. 

In this regard, a good diet for a bearded baby dragon should consist of 20% plant-based and 80% insect and protein-based during their growth period. Once they become adults, then the ratio should be 40% and 60%, respectively. 

What type of cabbage is best for the bearded dragons?

It is known from the above discussion that cabbage is healthy and good for bearded dragons. But there are different types of cabbage, and which is the best option for this creature? Most cabbage types have additional necessary nutrition such as protein, carbohydrate, fiber, calcium, phosphorus, etc. You need to choose such a cabbage type with all the required nutritional aspects in a balanced amount. 

Here are the 5 types of most common cabbage that are placed in best to worst order.

  • Bok Choy
  • Napa
  • Red
  • Green
  • Savoy

Only the amount of calcium varies in these cabbage types, but the other nutrition remains in almost the same quantity. Bok Choy is undoubtedly considered to be the best type of cabbage that you are supposed to feed your bearded pet dragon. It has a high amount of calcium that is good for the creature. And then there is Napa cabbage, which is also regarded as a good option in this regard. 

Can a bearded dragon consume raw cabbage?

You must know whether you are supposed to feed your dragon with raw cabbage. The answer is YES, and cabbage can be fed raw to bearded dragons. Serving cabbage raw is recommended. 

It is for the simple fact that raw green vegetables generally contain more nutrients than cooked ones. If you cook the cabbage, then nutrients like calcium will decrease in it. 

Can a bearded dragon eat cooked cabbage?

A bearded dragon can manage to eat cooked cabbage, but it is not generally recommended for some reasons. 

Cooking veggies and greens are not necessary for a bearded dragon to consume the said food. Moreover, as stated earlier, cooked food happens to have less nutritional value. For instance, cooked Napa cabbage contains less calcium (29mg of the calcium per 100g) than raw Napa cabbage (77mg of the calcium per 100g).

Can a bearded dragon consume cabbage leaves?

Yes, they can also eat cabbage leaves. Some cabbage types are known to have different kinds of leaves than the others, resulting in the plates containing more soil and dirt than the others. 

This is the very reason, you as the bearded dragon owner, thoroughly wash and clean the cabbage leaves before giving them to the bearded dragon. 

Can a bearded dragon consume cabbage stalks

In most cases, it is not recommended to feed your bear dragons with cabbage stalks. It is for the fact that the branch is known to be quite challenging and challenging to chew on. 

  • Feeding stalk to such creatures may create different digestive issues.
  • In some cases, the stalk could even cause choking in a bearded dragon.

Hence, it is not worth feeding to your pet. 

Benefits of feeding cabbage to your bearded dragon

Cabbage is known to be beneficial if it is used as the food source for your bearded pet dragon. It plays a significant role in the overall well-being and health of your pet. 

  • Cabbage contains a moderate to a high amount of calcium, and calcium is significant for bearded dragons. Calcium is necessary for proper bone development and growth in bearded dragons.
  • Cabbage also has healthy calcium to the phosphorous ratio that is necessary for the bearded dragons.
  • Cabbage is typically low in fat, and that is a good thing for the bearded dragons. 
  • It is relatively low in sugar. 
  • It also happens to have a moderate amount of fiber. 
  • Moreover, it also contains other nutrients like vitamin K, vitamin C, potassium, etc. 

Concerns regarding feeding cabbage to your bearded pet dragon

Suppose you decide to feed your bearded dragon with cabbage, and then there are no concerns to think of. You just need to be careful that the cabbage should be provided in the proper amount and amounts. Overall this is known to be a good food option. 

How often should you feed cabbage to your bearded dragon

In most cases, cabbage should be fed to a bearded dragon once a week according to the general rule of thumb. The frequency may vary depending on different factors like the type of cabbage you feed, the health of your bearded dragon, etc. In the conclusion part, you will get the above information, which is described. If you need any further information that can bearded dragons eat cabbage or not. You can refer to any websites where you will get an idea about this.

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