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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Carrots

Is it Safe for Pet Beardies to have Carrot?

Carrots are a common vegetable and are available across the world very quickly. It has a lot of nutrition factors that can be helpful for both humans and animals. In this case, the bearded dragon is the animal in the center of the discussion as the information required is whether the bearded dragon is interested in having those healthy carrots. To discuss this matter, you need to dig into the case far. Let’s discuss both the components precisely first before coming to any conclusion- 

Cheap and nutritious Carrot 

Carrot is one of the vegetables full of Vitamin A and other nutrients essential for humans and bearded dragons. The comfortable and cheap accessibility of the vegetable is also a factor that should be mentioned here. 

It is very fruitful for good eyesight. It contains various nutritious components as it includes all the three types of food elements that is a carbohydrates, protein, and fat, and that too in a balanced manner. Neither carrot is high with fat, nor is it heavy with protein; you will get enough elements to nourish your health from carrot. 

Besides having water at a significant amount, the carrot also consists of fiber and other minerals required for a healthy system irrespective of the consumers. Common and useful minerals like sodium, calcium, phosphorous are available in a carrot significantly. You can also get potassium, iron, and magnesium from this vegetable. 

All this from a single orange vegetable is exceptional. Carotene is one of the elements that you will get from carrots and necessary vitamins such as C and A. Especially Vitamin A is responsible for good eyesight, and Vitamin C takes care of immunity. 

In every sense, the carrot is a useful and cost=effective vegetable that can do wonders with so much potentiality. If the bearded dragon is interested, then carrots can be an added advantage for them, making them healthy too in every possible way. Even the experts and physicians have also mentioned that carrot is good for bearded dragons. Nothing more can be found to support the carrot for bearded dragons. 

What is the bearded dragon?

You must have heard of the bearded dragon. If not, then you must know the animal in detail. Generally, a species of reptile, namely Pogona, is known as bearded dragon. This includes eight reptile species, to be precise. This peculiar name has a background. The bearded name indicates the beard of the animal. 

As the reptile has a specific part under its throat, which looks like a beard in a look, the term has become so popular. This beard has some features as it turns black and gets puffed out due to several reasons or at different conditions. You can feel that they are scared or thinking to be under any kind of threat; these changes can be seen. 

The most exciting part about this particular reptile is that they are good pets for children. As they are very gentle and submissive species, it becomes easy for the children to handle the creatures, and both build up a strong bond between them sooner than ever. They love to get cared for as they love to get pampered. 

Pogona needs timely care and maintenance, along with proper food and attention all the time. So, if you plan to keep a bearded dragon in your house as a pet, make sure you are genuinely taking care of it. Otherwise, your experience may not become so good with the species. 

In terms of food habits, pogonas are quite exceptional, as they are known to be an omnivore. They eat fruit, plants, flowers, during the sunnier times of the day while at the later hours it prefers to eat things like insects, small lizards, and other mammals. You must be thinking this is quite risky to pet this animal with this kind of food habit. But you have to manage in your own way. The animal’s food habit provides essential information about why eating carrot is a big question for them. 

You can have a bearded dragon at your home, but that does not mean you can kiss him or touch him in the mouth all the time. Instead, you should stay away from his mouth, taking it as a precaution, because the saliva can be harmful. You have to keep in your mind that you can keep your house and household safe and hygienic with some rigorous plans and measures. Proper housekeeping and good husbandry are all you need to make this happen. 


Yes! There is a small confusion as, quite naturally, it can happen that what is right for human health or any other animal may not be as good for the bearded dragon. Somewhat the carrot affected the health of the bearded dragon adversely. You cannot claim that carrot is right for them until proven. 

The veterinary experts have mentioned that carrots can be an excellent supplement to bearded dragon’s meal. The doctors have said that the proper diet required for the reptile includes green grass and then greener veggie such as carrot; this will make up the green vegetation for the pogona.

Human beings and bearded dragons are quite different in terms of their features and body structures. So, you can’t generalize. Again, humans have a choice not to eat the carrot or have it by their will. But you can understand that the pogonas don’t have any such options. They may find it tasty or enjoy having it. Here the question is on the carrot. You need to know whether the bearded dragon can eat the carrot. 


Like most other things, making them eat carrots has both kinds of consequences. Some of the positive facts are- 

  • Beta-carotene and vitamin A are responsible for fair skin, more excellent immunity among the consumer, and the bearded dragon is no exception in this case. 
  • Avoiding sugar to make yourself away from obesity is what is trending nowadays. As carrot has a minimal amount of sugar, it is a must in the diet for Pogonas also. This also ensures that decaying teeth, rotting teeth, and other side effects can be avoided. 
  • Carrots have both calcium and phosphorous at a significant amount. But only the calcium is what the reptiles require, and a massive intake of phosphorous can be impactful in various terms and conditions. Too much phosphorous can affect the metabolic bones of the bearded dragons. Be careful with these facts and amounts. 
  • To keep a balance on the bearded dragon’s mineral consumption, the veterinary doctors have suggested a solution. As calcium is much needed a mineral for bearded dragons, they should also be injected with such medicines from time to time to fight the adversities. 

Surprisingly, all these positive aspects can become harmful in different circumstances. These risks are factors that you must remember before feeding carrots to Pogonas. 

  • Over-consumption of Vitamin A can be toxic for the health of the reptile in any circumstance. 
  • Regular intake of carrots may be not be required as this can increase the ratio of minerals. For a bearded dragon, these have to be maintained. 

This is the time; you should conclude after discussing the matter in depth. The doctors have mentioned that frequent intake of carrots is not suggested for bearded dragons. You can provide a carrot to the animal once in a month, and this will be enough for absorbing the positive aspects without any adverse effects.

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