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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Apples

Is it Safe for Pet Beardies to Have Apple?

As the age-old saying goes – “An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away…!”

Indeed, apples are packed with Vitamins A and C, Iron, Potassium, Fibre, Carbohydrates, and plenty of water content- all of which play a pivotal role in our healthy growth and development.

But, the million-dollar question stands- “Can beard Dragons Eat Apples & Reap the Same Health Benefits as We Humans do…?”

Field reptile experts say – YES. Bearded Dragons can most certainly eat apples! In fact, they consider this delis fruit to be among the few fruits which dragons can potentially eat on a relatively regular basis. 

But mind you, this doesn’t indicate that you should go out on a limb to feed your l’ll dudes apples every day!

Remember, bearded dragons (like all pet lizards) should not consume fruits (or, as in this case, apples) each day. Rather their proper nutritional diet should roughly comprise of 50% plant and 50% animal diet. And the fruit –feeding margin should not exceed any more than 10%. 

The best course of action is to feed them apples (or fruits) once every week or twice every month!

Let’s Explore Further On Bearded Dragons & Apples!

(As explained in some of our earlier posts) No fruits are particularly healthy for your pet bearded dragon it they are fed regularly or in exceeding quantity. And regardless of how many benefits the fruit provides, if you feed them frequently, then it could plague them with unwanted health complications.

“Apples Are Highly Delis- But They Also Contain High Dose Of Sugar!”

First rule, when planning out your pet dragon’s diet is excluding excessive sugar. As limiting sugar consumption is vital for your l’ll dude’s long and healthy growth!

The presence of high sugar concentration is perhaps what compels experts from opposing to feeding them apples on a frequent basis. 

Excessive Sugar Intake Is Known To Cause Unappreciative Conditions in Your Pet Beardie Like – 

  • Fatty liver disease 
  • Diabetes 
  • Obesity
  • Tooth rotting/decay
  • And even possible heart failure resulting in their untimely demise

 “Also, Apples Have Seeds Which Pose Potential Risks For Your Pet Beardie!”

 Your bearded dragons are fairly small in size, and so you simply can’t keep an entire apple in front of them and expect them to devour it bit by bit. So the best course of action would be to cut the fruit into tiny, and easily manageable pieces for your l’ll pet critters! 

Not only will this prevent any choking accidents from happening, but it also prevents them from making coughing sounds. Another crucial thing to bear in mind is the apple seeds. As you know, dragons have difficulty in digesting seeds. And if they accidentally swallow even one, it could result in a potentially fatal condition known as gut impaction – which denotes a condition when their digestive tract gets congested

There exist several unfortunate stories of these little lizards dying due to this particular condition. So be sure to remove every existing seed in the fruit before looking to feed them.

Field reptile experts and vets recommend – the easier course of action is to serve your pet beardie the peripheral flesh of the peeled apple. The pieces are usually softer on the outer flesh and will prove easier for your l’ll dude to eat. 

Also, while you are at it, don’t forget to keep a bowl of freshwater near your pet beardie. This will help keep them hydrated- whenever they feel the need to sip some! 

What About The Health Benefits Of Feeding Your Pet Beardie Apples?

If you feed your pet dragon apples as per the experts’ recommendation, then the fruit will do a lot of good for their overall growth, health, and development. 

  • The presence of Vitamin A and C will help fortify your pet’s immune system, growth, and reproductive capabilities 
  • The existence of fibre will help improve their digestion and avert chances of constipation
  • The presence of carbohydrates will ensure your pet beardie stays active and energized most times
  • The iron concentration in the fruit will ensure smooth circulation of oxygen throughout their blood
  • The presence of potassium will aid in controlling their BP, avoid kidney failures, decrease their water retention and support optimal muscle functioning
  • Also, the water content will help them stay properly hydrated 

For best results, look to stick to ‘once a week’ or ‘twice a month’ feeding routine! It doesn’t matter whether you feed them red or green apples as long as you peel it, remove the seeds and cut the exterior part of the fruit in tiny pieces.

However, never feed your pet bearded dragon apple peel. Not only will it make it difficult for them to chew, but could potentially cause a choking accident. Also, apple peels might contain harmful pesticides and other chemical sprays- more so if the sourced apple isn’t organic. And if you are not careful of this aspect and accidentally feed them peels even once, it may cause your pet you die in agony.

So it’s always better to avoid any risks and be extremely attentive when feeding your pet dragon.

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