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What are the Top UVB Index Meters for Reptiles?

Many applications have different uses and benefits of UltraViolet radiation. The equipment and products used in sterilization and doing research experiments and many more things. Even reptiles needed ultraviolet radiation (UVA AND UVB) for keeping their health in a good condition. The UVA and UVB radiation help them in calcium synthesis and many behaviors which are important for their living.  The importance of UV is much more than usual when it comes to humans and animals, even if there are many negative effects. If the UV radiation is used in a safe limit it can give you many benefits keeping you very healthy. For this reason, you need to keep a UV meter handy.

Best UV Meters Available In the Market

If you are exposed for a long time to UV radiation at work or from doing other activities in your daily life. It may lead to health problems which can range from mild to extreme conditions. This generally happens when you are overexposed to UV radiation. However, this can be prevented if a good UV meter is being used by you. Controlling the exposure can give many health benefits. Even your reptile can benefit from limited exposure to UVA and UVB radiation. You need to keep the UV meter along with you to keep a constant check of the measurement of the UV exposure on the human or animals. You also need to make sure that the UV meter you are using is the correct choice. As a lot depends on how your UV meter works. Hence, you have to always check and purchase a UV meter. Listed below is a product guide that will help you to choose the right UV meter which will satisfy your needs.

1.Solarmeter Model 6.5 UV Index Meter

This is the first UV meter in the list which is available in a compact size and is very easy to handle. Even if you are using the device for the first time it you would not face any difficulty while using it. The measurements from the meter are instant and the UV index can be used for comparison. It also provides you a reptile monitor and also helps tracking UV index. To check the UV emission the only thing you need to do is to point the sensor to the UV source and then continuously press and hold the switch which is located in the front of the meter. This is when you get the results. It has been provided with a 9V battery which is more than enough to get you multiple readings. This product also has a NIST traceable calibration certificate.


  • Can be easily used.
  • Is portable in size.
  • Durable batteries.
  • Perfect reading.


  • It has more specific reading for reptile care

2. Dr. Meter 1330B Digital Illuminance/Light Meter

Dr. Meter 1330B Digital Illuminance/Light Meter has 4 setting ranges and would provide you reading instantly. This product has an auto zero option which would make the reading always accurate. It also has a display screen which gives you the readings correctly and because of the display it makes it easier to check the reading. It gives you measurement control because of the features such as data hold and peak data hold for correct reading. It is a portable device and you can carry it without


  • It has four settings.
  • Very accurate readings.
  • Display option makes readings convenient to read,
  • Affordable price.


  • Instruction are not nicely written

  3. URCERI Light Meter Digital Illuminance Meter

This meter has a highest accuracy level when it comes to the readings. Its reading accuracy is up to 200,000 LUX in an instance. Thus, it can be considered as the best choice because the tool is handy and has quick and quality readings. It has an LCD screen where the reading is clearly visible at any point of time. It also has a battery indicator. The special feature of this product is that it has an auto power off button that switches off the device when it is not used for approximately 15 minutes. The design is compact and is light in weight so you will be able to carry it very conveniently wherever you go.


  • The luminosity is accurately measured from 0-200,000 lux.
  • LCD displays are available in 4-digit color.
  • Auto power off feature.
  • Lightweight and compact design.


  • When under direct sunlight the display is hard to read.

4. Sper Scientific 850009 UV Light Meter

This UV meter measures long and medium waves for different applications for forensics, electrophoresis, dermatology and chromatography. It even measures the readings in the museum and the environment around you. It is also used in cosmetic, pharmaceutical and tinting applications and many other industries. It also helps us in UV sterilization and the lamps used for dermatology in the hospitals.


  • Usage in cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry.
  • Usage in window tinting, electrophoresis.
  • Helps in making UV sterilization and Dermatology Lamps.


  • The UVA/B sensor which is given on the meter will only respond to the source of UV light which is between 290 and 375 nm

5. General Tools UV513AB Digital UVA/UVB Meter

This device is a UV intensity meter and can be used to measure the UV light from the range of 280 to 400 nm. This device gives you a very correct and precise reading for many applications. It can be used to give you quantitative measurements of the radioactive elements in laboratories. It can also be used to check the UV lamp intensity and also sterilization and many other applications. The reading is easy to understand, as there is a Backlit LCD dual display providing you perfect reading. There is a battery indicator that provides you the knowledge of how much battery is left in the UV meter. Thus, it gives you time to make sure you have the correct reading, before the battery finishes.


  • Back lit light makes it easy to read the measurements.
  • Precise decision.
  • Battery indicator.
  • The device is provided with traceable calibration.
  • Compact and portable.


  • The functioning is complex.


Things to Look Out for In a Good UV Light Meter

The best UV light meter can be distinguished by certain factors that make the device. Always consider the factors which will help you to get the best device.

  •       Measurement Range: If the device you are using is not sensitive when the intensity is low, the readings may not be that accurate if there is a lot of noise. There will be many variations and you might not get the precise reading ever. To avoid this problem always avoid ready which are noisy.  A device which is over sensitive can miss the reading at the peak and lead to error. So, make sure to avoid readings. Always choose products that can make sure you have the right measurements.
  •       ISO17025 Accredited and NIST Traceable Calibration: Make sure that the device which you are using should have a precise calibration. When it is being checked on another system. If the device is ISO17025 accredited, there has to be calibration of quality each year. This is a compulsion before the accreditation is provided. So, make sure the product has accreditation before you purchase it.
  •       Storage of data: the UV meter that allows you to store the measurements on it helps you to compare the readings. So, make sure that the device you are buying has that feature.
  •       Stability against heat: While you are measuring the UV rays. The UV meter gets exposed to immense heat. It may be for a short or a long duration of time. However, the sensitive parts may be damaged if the product has low sustaining power or stability. So always choose a product which gives you precise reading even if it is exposed to heat.

Different UltraViolet light Meter and their Application:

There are three types of UV light meters such as Medical UV Meters, Multiple probe UV meters and Online UV meters.

Classification Application Wavelength
Online UV light meter High pressure mercury lamp 315-400nm
Online UV light meter LED curing lamp 340-420nm
Online UV light meter UVC germicidal lamp 230-280nm
Multiple probe UV light meter LED area light sources 340-420nm
Multiple probe UV light meter LED point light sources 340-420nm
Multiple probe UV light meter Power and energy detection of UVA 340-420nm
Multiple probe UV light meter High pressure mercury lamp 315-400nm
Medical UV light meter Medical germicidal lamp 230-280nm
Multiple probe UV light meter Large power germicidal lamp 230-280nm
Multiple probe UV light meter LED germicidal lamp 200-400nm
Multiple probe UV light meter Waterproof germicidal lamp 230-280nm


UV Light Meters & UV Radiation (FAQ)

  1.     UV Wavelength range: There are many biological effects of ultraviolet rays. Hence, they can be divided into four bands looking at the wavelength:
  2.     UVA band: The UVA wavelength has a penetrating power which is very strong and can even penetrate any transparent plastic or glass. These UV rays can penetrate the ozone layer and are the ones which reach the earth.
  3.     UVB band: Also known as medium wave erythema effect ultraviolet. Transparent glass absorbs this UV rays as it has a shorter wavelength. These rays are generally absorbed by the ozone layer before they enter the earth but approximately 2% reach the earth.
  4.     UVC band: These are the weakest UV rays and cannot penetrate the transparent plastic or glass. These rays are completely absorbed by the ozone layer.
  5.     UVD Band: Also known as the Vacuum ultraviolet light is very weak. These UV rays oxidize the oxygen in the air to ozone.


  1.     UV sterilization radiation intensity unit or standard: If you are sterilizing and the UV radiation provided is high in amount the bacteria which is now inactive will not revive. However, if the UV radiation is low the virus or bacteria may revive itself. This is when you would need a UV meter so that you understand that the radiation intensity is higher in the disinfection lamp than the normal value.

According to healthcare settings – WST 367-2012. The disinfecting technique states that you need to keep the UV germicidal lamp on for 5 minutes, the Source of the UV light meter needs to be placed at a vertical distance, 1m directly below the UV lamp. The data which is generated when the meter is stable gives you the irradiance value of the UV lamp.

  1.     Time taken to sterilize with UV light: The sterilization process differs according to the type of virus or bacteria you are trying to terminate. The basic formula for the dose is: Ultraviolet dose = UltraViolet radiation intensity x Light duration.  When the radiation finally reaches the virus or bacteria that is when it will be killed.
  2.     Do UV rays penetrate during Night? UV rays never reach the earth at night. They are completely blocked out but can be present in small amounts.
  3.     Why Is UV radiations Dangerous? The natural source of UV rays is the Sun. However, the earth has shielded itself from these rays by the help of the ozone layer. If you ever get overexposed to UV radiation you might suffer from skin cancer, eye damage and very low immunity.

Negative Effects of UV on Humans

  • Skin Cancer:  The UV rays have cancer causing elements also known as Carcinogens. Overexposure to the UV rays can cause skin cancer.
  • Sunburn: If you stay out in the sun for longer duration the skin cells might absorb a lot of energy thus destroying the cells thus leading to increase of flow of blood. So that the area can be repaired. Thus, making your skin look red in the areas of sunburn.
  • Damage to eyes: If the eyes are exposed to UV rays for a long time the tissues near the eyes can get damaged and there is a high chance of you suffering from cataract which would lead to blindness ultimately. If the treatment is not done in proper time.
  • Skin Aging: Long exposure to UV rays can speed up aging. This happens because the collagen and the tissues under the skin are destroyed by the UV radiations and cause wrinkles and loss of the elasticity of skin. You can protect yourself from UV radiation with the help of cosmetic UV absorbers which reduces the light amount your skin absorbs when you are overexposed to sunlight. Many cosmetics companies have now included these absorbers in the nail paints, fragrances and gels.
  • Low Immune system: Overexposure leads to low immune system and damage to the body which in the long run makes your body defenseless and causes diseases and infection.

Effects of UV on Reptiles

When in the wilderness, reptiles are exposed to many types of UV rays, which you are already aware by now, as you have already read about them in the article. They are the UVA and UVB rays from the sun. Reptiles when kept indoor do not have the opportunity to get benefitted by these rays. Thus, it is necessary that you have alternative means to provide the UV radiation to give them the benefits. This is because UVB rays are extremely important for your reptiles. These are the below reasons they are important:

  • To regulate the behavior such as feeding, diurnal movement and mating your pet would require the UVA rays.
  •  The UVB is required by your pet to synthesize Vitamin D3 so that it can absorb calcium. In turn letting them gain strong bones and shells. The deficiency would lead to bone diseases.
  • UVC is also necessary because to live a healthy life your pet would require it. This would keep them away from dangerous bacteria.

You can buy different types of UV bulbs from the store to get the different emissions. Always make sure that the UV bulbs you are buying are within range. So that it does not cause damage to your favored pet. Make sure they get the precise amount of radiation. The quantity of the UV rays needed changes according to the reptile you own.  So, make sure that they are getting the right amount.

Desert reptiles are exposed to higher UV radiations hence they would require more UV rays.  So, if you own a desert reptile you should check out the bulb which gives the UVB radiation of 12%.

Reptiles in rainforests are not used to high UV rays, so to be healthy they would need a UVB bulb which is 5-7%.

You should keep measuring the sources of UV radiation for your pet with the help of the UV meter because the Bulb output gradually lowers and it needs to be exchanged for a new one. UV meter comes in very handy when checking these measurements.

Top Product

After checking many UV meters, many people have suggested Solarmeter Model 6.5 UV Index Meter as the best UV meter available in the market. It is the top product because it provides you high accuracy measurement along with easy operation and a NIST Traceable Calibration Certificate.

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