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Best Reptile Mister

What is the Top Reptile Terrarium Misting System?

It is just natural for every pet owner to want the best for their pets. If you own a reptile, then its requirements may be more than you would expect with warm-blooded pets. As a parent, you are going to have to provide the required conditions for your reptile’s healthy living.

Since they are cold blooded, reptiles may have a problem regulating their body temperatures. They depend a lot on their environments to acquire the necessary UVA/UVB, warmth, moisture, and even comfort. When in the wild, they may find it easier to keep up with and satisfy their needs.

If you are to have them as pets, however, then you may want to deliver the same conditions that they would expect. It will be quite helpful to replicate their natural habitat as much as possible. That will mean getting a basking platform, a source for the rays, water, moisture, and a humid environment.

Talking of moisture and humidity, you will realize that reptiles’ bodies lose water easily, owing to their dry skin. Regular hydration helps keep them healthy, comfortable, and ensure that their body processes go on as usual. A good misting system for your reptile can help ensure optimum humidity levels.

Because of their different species, reptiles may have varied requirements, especially concerning humidity. This could also be affected by their surroundings or natural habitat. Species that exist and live in arid and semi-arid conditions may have different preferences from those in humid regions.

Reptile misting systems are available in a wide variety, and each brand or model has something special to offer. You will be able to determine what works for your reptile from what does not, by having a look at the features that these products provide. 

We will also discuss some information that could help when or before shopping for the best product. Why don’t we begin with our top five? 

1. Repti Zoo 

Coming first, is the 10-liter misting system by Repti Zoo. If you are looking for a large capacity tank, which will mean less water refills and thus less hassle and stress, then this could make a good first consideration. What more does it have to offer? 

The Repti Zoo has been designed to operate quietly, despite its setback. It should promote silence and enhance both your reptile’s comfort when they are resting, and yours as well. What is more, is that it promotes optimal humidity within the enclosure, giving you a peace of mind when you are not home.

The point of a mister is to provide droplet quantities of water or moisture to your pet reptile in its enclosure. This product’s adjustable nozzles are an ideal way to achieve misting; they do not spray. With your large tank, you can add well up to 20 nozzles, which should deliver desired results.

More with the nozzle and unique with this product, is its internal backwater technology. As the name suggests, it helps ensure that no more water is fed into the terrarium with the pump off; it thus pulls back water from the device’s nozzle. The spray nozzle also gives you 360 degrees flexibility.

A notable setback with this product is that despite being built for quiet operation, it can get noisy.


  • Large capacity
  • Rotatable and adjustable nozzle
  • It can attach up to 20 nozzles
  • Internal backwater technology


  • It can get noisy

2. Monsoon 

Advancements present the Exo Terra Monsoon, a mister that comes highly programmable, allowing you the flexibility of setting the terrarium’s intervals. This control over your reptile’s requirements gives you a chance to provide them with what works best, in your choice levels.

You may love this product for its portability. You can easily move it around the house without strains. It is also easy to install and refill, all because of its small capacity, which comes at only half a gallon. If you would not mind refilling the tank regularly for the easy portability, and installation then you are set.

The Exo Terra enables you to wet your pet’s enclosure easily, with its flexible nozzles. The two nozzles enhance a direct flow of water into the enclosure. You may come to find it to be great for small units and enclosures. It does not provide what that Repti Zoo did, but it makes a good second consideration.

Generally, this device comes programmable, which is a useful and great feature for adjusting the terrarium’s settings as per your preference. It is also light, serves a small capacity, and comes with two flexible nozzles; it may serve you well with small units, and that makes the product’s setback.


  • Programmable
  • Portable
  • Flexible nozzles
  • Easy to install & refill


  • Small capacity

3. Evergreen Pet Supplies 

Are you working with a large tank and hoping to get your pet enclosure’s humidity up? Then you could consider this third product in our list by Evergreen Pet Supplies. You may find it easy to get your device ready for operation; it comes with a collapsible tubing.

You may face the risk of fog condensation before it even exits the tube, however. It would thus be more preferrable to expand the tube once in the tank, having prior collapsed it. It prevents the condensation, and ensures the fog goes all the way to your pet’s enclosure.

If you worry that you may not always be around, then this product’s dry run protection has got you covered. It lets the system know when you are running low. Since it does not have a programmable timer, however, you may have to purchase one.

What is more about this product, is that it comes with a handy setting, which can help your reptile friend sleep better at night. Leaving it at the lowest setting at night will ensure that even with drying air, the humidity in your reptile’s enclosure remains favorable.

Generally, you may love this product because of its easy operation. It has a collapsible tube and a dry run protection, which come handy in many ways. You also get a useful setting to help with keeping the humidity levels at night favorable. A notable setback is that it does not have a timer.


  • Large capacity
  • Dry run protection
  • Adjustable tube
  • Compatible with many reptile species and enclosures
  • Easy to install and use


  • It does not have a timer.

4. Zoo Med 

Coming fourth, is the Zoo Med, an ideal product for reptile species that spend most of their time in humid regions. This product thus, generates high humidity by using ultrasound. How does this work? The device creates fog through vaporized air in the ultrasound, feeding enough of it into the enclosure.

You may find its tank to be small. If you are hoping for more portability and ease of use in a product, then you may come to love such a compact design. The size also makes installation easy, and so to refills. You will, however, have to fill it up more often than you would a larger capacity reservoir.

If your reptile friend stays in a small enclosure, then the Zoo Med could serve you just right. It has ben built for optimal humidification of small enclosures. If you own a large enclosure, however, then you should not despair; this product provides an ideal microclimate.

Generally, this product is great for its generation of a suitable humid environment, thanks to its able ultrasound. Depending on what you are looking for, the device’s compact design, ease of use and installation, may serve as a plus. However, it is not deniable that the small capacity is a setback.


  • Easy to use and refill
  • Compact
  • Has a safety cut-off


  • Small capacity

5. Hagen 

Are you running low on finances or trying to work with a budget? Then you may have a final consideration to make. Coming last in our list but not least in its ability to serve you, is the Hagen. What does it have to offer? First, is a great fog generation.

It does have a compact design, which may serve you well if you are more interested in simplicity and saving refill time. You may also find a compact design to be easy to use and install. Does this compromise on performance? Other times, it can mean you will not serve a large terrarium.

With the Hagen Exo, however, you will be getting dense fog, which is ideal for offering nature-like conditions within the enclosure. Your reptile should have a good, comfortable time in such rainforest-like conditions.

If your interest is in small units, then this could be one with great value. You may love its silent operation, which is a plus to your reptile friend’s comfort at night and your peace too. Crowning it all, is this product’s affordability. If you are running low or on a tight budget, you could go for Hagen.

A notable setback, however, is with its diaphragm. After some time, it may wear out and call for a replacement.


  • Affordable
  • Generates dense fog and humidity
  • Operates quietly


  • After some time, the diaphragm may wear out

Buying Guide

When you are shopping for a misting system that your reptile can use, then you will have to consider plenty of factors. As we have seen, each product has something to offer, and a brand’s unique delivery could affect the system’s performance and in turn, your reptile friend.

It is important to have some information on what you will be shopping for and what you should expect. We are going to look at what an ideal product should offer; this should help you to determine what works for your pet from what does not. In the end, your reptile’s happiness will be yours.

You will find good capacity to be one of the most important features in misters. The units depend on water to generate mist and should it run out, your pet may lack the necessary conditions for its comfort and good health. Good water capacity means that a mister will run for long before emptying its reservoir.

This can be helpful if you tend to be forgetful with refills or are hoping to avoid the hassle. Sometimes, you may also want to go out or are hardly ever around with nobody to check on your pet friend. A good capacity reservoir should hold up until you return.

If, on the other hand, you are often around or would not mind refilling the reservoir, then you should be glad that there is a product for you too! Small units do not hold much, and will, therefore, most likely run dry quickly. You should be around to fill it back up so that your pet enjoys endless humidity when needed.

Besides being easy to fill up, a small mister may also be easy to install or set up. Owing to their size and simplicity, you should find them easy to handle, with lesser risks of damage. Another factor that comes up from this size is portability. Small units are more portable than larger ones. You can, therefore, decide on what can work better for you.

You may also want to consider the length of your outlet or extension pipe. This is the hose that moves the generates mist from your unit into your pet’s enclosure. A well-sized outlet pipe should serve you optimally, allowing for easy adjustability of positions and thus, more flexibility.

A good size, therefore, would mean several feet; a longer one is available, and you may find it to be most ideal when handling larger tanks. A short hose may constrict you to only the short distance that it can stretch to. You may not get as much flexibility or be able to set up wherever you would like.

Whenever you are not around, a large reservoir could help ensure your pet gets an uninterrupted supply of moisture; what happens when it runs dry? It can happen. You may not always be able to control how long you stay out or away from your pet, and at times, you may forget to refill the reservoir in time.

A safety cut-off comes handy in ensuring that when your reservoir runs dry, the unit does not keep running. There is a risk of burns should it keep going; so, this feature is useful in ensuring your reptile friend’s safety and also avoiding unforeseeable damages. A product that features a safety cut-off affords every reptile owner some peace of mind.

You may have in the past been disappointed by a misting system because of how long it lasted—it did not. Well, most of these units may not be as reliable as you would hope and will thus get damaged over time. Plenty of factors could cause damages to its parts or entire system.

That is not the end of the road. We have looked at some of the best misters in the market, which you can trust to serve you optimally. You will find that some manufacturers have taken the time to deliver outstanding durability, which should see your pet through nights, then months, and more of peace and comfort.

Products that may not offer the best on durability may force you to get regular replacements or fixes. These cost extra, and if you were not prepared for them, then they could cause a strain on your budget in the end of the day. Go for more convenience, and less hassle.

You may also want to consider how much you are willing or can manage to spend on a mister. Some products are more affordable than others; they may, however, not offer all the conditions that your pet friend may need. You can make compromises on either the price or features, depending on what is possible.

All these considerations should make your shopping smoother and increase your chances of walking away with a product that you will love. As you use reptile misting systems, you will come to develop more preferences, and be able to tell what would work for your pet friend best.

Bottom Line

A good misting system for your reptile will help you provide humid conditions to your reptile friend. As it spends its time in the enclosure, you may want to ensure that your pet gets not only the moisture that it needs to stay hydrated but also shed off successfully. 

When purchasing the best unit, there are factors that you should consider. We have looked at some of them, including what the market has to offer. Choosing the ideal product can be confusing. I would like to recommend the Repti Zoo.

This 10-liter misting system promotes optimal humidity within the enclosure, giving you a peace of mind when you are not home. Its 20 adjustable nozzles are an ideal way to achieve misting in a large tank. The spray nozzles give you 360 degrees flexibility. The product also comes with internal backwater technology.  

There is no reason why you should not get the Repti Zoo; buy it today!

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