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Best Reptile Heating Pad

What are the Top Heat Mats with Thermostat for Reptiles?

It is general knowledge that reptiles are cold-blooded animals. This is to mean that their bodies are not in a position to regulate their temperature, so they depend entirely on the surrounding environment.

Before embarking on reptile husbandry, this is an important fact you have to know.

Wondering why? It is because your pet’s health will rely on how well you can meet the survival conditions. If you cannot provide what it needs, it may become very inactive, sick, or even hibernate.

Providing enough warmth to those reptiles is one such requirement. Take the case of a bearded dragon. Usually, they derive their warmth from a bit of basking in the sun.

Since the sun rays cannot get into the terrarium or vivarium, you are therefore supposed to supplement it. This can be achieved by using a heating pad. Now, you might be tempted to use the normal heaters that are meant for you and other people.

Believe it or not, it will not be as effective. You need a reptile heating pad that can go under the tank or glass. There are myriads of brands out there. You just need the best, so take a look.

1. Ipower Small Animals

With all factors kept constant, the Ipower reptile heat pad is our best pick. It can be used to warm up the cage for a wide array of small reptiles, including snakes, lizards, as well as turtles.

The new technology used in the construction of this heating pad makes it outstanding. It heats up quickly and as such, gives off the heat to the surrounding environment in a short period.

You also don’t have to stress yourself with getting a specific adapter to power on the heater. It has been specially designed in such a way that it can easily be plugged into any socket.

This, therefore, means you will save your time and money.

Also, the product is water-resistant and so you don’t have to worry about those aquatic animals. It comes with a warranty, and you will be able to get it repaired if it breaks down during the lifespan of the warranty.

The ease with which it can be used is also a plus. Besides, you won’t strain to clean it up.


  • It is water-resistant
  • Can be used for a wide array of reptiles
  • It has a warranty


  • You always have to pay attention to positioning
  • Does not have a thermostat

2. Fluker’s 29050

This is another heating pad that is meant to serve small animals. While it may not be as common as other brands, Fluker’s does a good job.

To start us off, the heating pad has a rating of 12 watts. This means that it does not use a lot of electricity. Consequently, it will help you in saving the costs. You wouldn’t want to go for a product that will prove to be inefficient in the long run.

The pad comes together with a thermometer controller which helps you to keep your pet’s warmth under check. You should also note that it is not as costly as other brand names. If you are working within a budget, you are well covered.

Although Fluker’s is recommended for use outside the cage, you are still able to mount it below the tank if there is enough ventilation or on the side for those with huge substratum.


  • It is energy saving
  • Comes in different sizes
  • Can be placed underneath or on the side of the cage


  • Installation is difficult
  • Has no thermostat

3.Exo Terra

If you were to ask people practicing reptile husbandry, Exo Terra heat pad has quite a reputation. The 11 by 15 inches model comes at a considerable amount of money but it’s worth a shot.

To begin with, the model is made in a perfect size that will fit most of the reptile glass enclosures. You don’t have to worry about the product being incompatible with your terrarium.

Besides, Exo terra is designed with an adhesive which makes the installation process a walk in the park. The adhesive also helps in the effective transfer of heat since it is tightly attached to the terrarium.

You just have to mount the product underneath the terrarium or on the side. 

As far as heat emission is concerned, the heating pad evenly and uniformly distributes heat. You can be sure, thus, that your pet will receive adequate warmth that it deserves to remain active.

It has a rating of 16 watts. In case your pet needs higher temperatures, you can supplement the heat with other heating devices to meet the needs.


  • Can be used for any glass terrarium
  • The heat is distributed uniformly
  • It is safe


  • Has no thermostat
  • The heat emitted is not as high

4. Zilla 

This is another reputable brand that has been in the market for quite some time. In case you are looking to purchase a cost-effective type of heating pad, this is your go-to option. 

Zilla has a power rating of 8 watts. This is the least you are likely to encounter in your quest to find the perfect model. As such, it means that it does not use up so much electricity.

Also, the product is easy to install. You do not need any technical knowledge to do so, thanks to the adhesive it comes with. The adhesive makes the heat pad easy to mount. That’s exactly what you need.

The heat transfer between the device and your pet’s terrarium will also increase as a result of this adhesive which attaches tightly to the terrarium’s walls.

Zilla can also work with a wide range of reptiles including amphibians and is, hence, a plus. On the same point, it can also cater to the needs of both snakes living on the ground and on trees.


  • The installation process is easy
  • It is cost-saving
  • Used with for wide range of reptiles


  • The pads don’t stick for long
  • Doesn’t come with a thermostat or controller

5. Ipower Under Tank

In the fifth place, we have another Ipower product. This shows how much the brand has built a name for itself. As such, expect it to come with a hefty price tag (on the bright side, the price is worth the value of your money).

The selling point of this product is that it comes with a thermostat and a controller which keep the heat under check. You don’t have to spend extra money getting one or even doing the regulation by yourself.

Unlike the first one in our review, this product is an under tank terrarium heater. It has a power rating of 16 watts. Ipower Under tank boasts an advanced technology that uses a top-notch heating film.

The film heats up quickly and efficiently transfers the heat to the terrarium. This means that you won’t be waiting for centuries before the optimum temperature is reached. 

Also, it comes with an adhesive which makes it easier to install the heating pad, or rather to attach it to the terrarium.


  • Comes with a thermostat
  • Heats up quickly and uniformly
  • Comes with a warranty


  • It is expensive
  • The thermostat lacks a wide temperature range

Getting the best reptile heating pads; A buyer’s guide

The importance of getting your reptile pets a heating pad cannot be overstated. And no, you are them doing them a favor. You are doing your job. In their natural habitat, they wouldn’t need that. But since you have captured them, they do.

Often, different reptiles have varying heat requirements. Desert-dwelling reptiles and those that live in the tropics (examples include bearded dragons and green iguanas) need more heat.

On the flip side, those reptiles living in temperate environments require less heat than their counterparts mentioned above (an example is a corn snake). Knowing this helps you plan ahead on the type of heat pad you will buy.

However, that is not everything you need to take into account before proceeding to the market to get  one. You have to consider other vital features that are more linked to the heater itself.

Put differently, the heating pad must fulfill certain prerequisites. Go after things like their durability, cost-efficiency, ease of installation, price, heat generation, warranty, power rating, and additional features.

In this part, we discuss the key aspects in detail to make sure that you have all the information you require.

Heat generation 

How efficiently should the heating pad generate heat for your reptile pet’s terrarium? The answer is pretty obvious. It should be very, if not extremely efficient. Otherwise, why are you getting the pad in the first place?

Different models feature different capabilities of giving off heat, depending on the kind of technology used to design them. Thus, you should be on the watch for those models that have modern technology.

They will prove to be effective in the long run.

As a case in point, you might want to consider those heating pads with new technology heating film. The advantage is that it will heat up pretty quickly. Subsequently, it will heat the cage rapidly.

You won’t have to wait for hours on end before the desired temperature is finally attained.

The other aspect that relates to the heat generation capabilities of the heating pad has to do with the uniformity and consistency. The product should be in a position to heat up uniformly and transfer the heat evenly.

This goes a long way in ensuring that the warmth requirements are met.

The price 

The trite law that applies when it comes to shopping (whether for clothes, groceries, or reptile heating pads) is that you should work with a budget. You always draw your shopping list in advance.

Except that in this case you already know it is a heating pad you want, making the list irrelevant.

Depending on the brand name or reputation as well as the individual features, the price tag of heating pads usually changes from one product to another. Some high-end models will require you to fork out thousands of bucks.

Others will come at a quarter of the price. The real question should be how good they are at their job.

With all that said, you should set a certain amount that you do not want to exceed. What follows this is doing your research to find out the heater types that go for that given price or less.

Afterward, consider the individual features of each of those products to find out which one is likely to be of a higher performance than the rest. If you reach a decision, you should then settle for that brand. As easy as that!


Of what use will a product be if it cannot serve the intended purpose for which it was bought? Our guess is as good as yours! Always, emphasis on always, invest your dollars in a high-quality heating pad.

Speaking of quality, it might be subject to different interpretations from one person to the next. The basic definition we can give is that the product should be able to stand the test of time. 

It shouldn’t break down after falling for the first time. That product will not be worth the value of your money.

There is a close link between durability and the price of the heating pad. In most cases, durable models tend to cost more than the other sub-standard products – as you probably know, cheap is expensive.

It is indisputable that there are cases where you will just be paying for the brand name and not the heater. That might tempt you to go for cheaper ones, hoping that they perform as excellently.

The latter seems to be a wise choice. But, never compromise the quality for the money. If you can get around the hefty price tags, the best thing to do is to go for those expensive brands.

Buying a heating pad is an investment. Not a one-time thing!


Tied closely with the aspect of durability is warranty protection. Does the heating pad you want to buy have a warranty duration? If no, you should hesitate a tad bit and try looking for other available options.

Here is why. A warranty protection period is often a sign of goodwill and an assurance of quality from the manufacturer. It is especially important if you are buying an electronic, which is your case.

In almost all cases, a manufacturer will not attach a product warranty if they are worried about too many people complaining about the quality of the item. It will be a loss on their end.

But if the heating pad is excellent, no one will have a problem giving you a warranty. 

Always ensure that your heater of choice has one. You will be able to get free repairs if the product breaks down while the warranty is still active. If it is beyond repair, you will get a replacement.

Sounds great, right? You won’t have to take money out of your pockets to make the faults right. It will have saved you a penny or two which you might want to invest elsewhere. 

Make the right call.

Customer reviews

Moving on, you should always go through the product review section to see what previous buyers are saying about the product. Customer reviews are especially vital if you are purchasing the product from an online platform.

There is a reason. You will not have the opportunity to inspect the product to ascertain that it is free of all defects. The alternative you are left with is relying on other buyers.

What happens in an event where you buy a product that has no return policy then you only realize that it is defective after it has been delivered to you? Put it aside then go buy another one?

A buyer is less likely to lie as they invested their hard-earned money in the product. However, there might be cases where a problem is only being reported by a customer or two.

That sends a message. Maybe, the fault was on their part. However, in an event where half the buyers are sharing the same sentiments about a given model, you should think twice before deciding to buy it as well.

The best thing to do in that case is to look at other options that are available and discern whether they are good enough to warrant your money.

The power rating 

The power rating of a given model of a heating pad will usually be expressed in terms of watts. To some people, this is just a number that has no big bearing on the product itself. They are wrong.

The wattage of a heating pad determines to a large extent the amount of heat that it can produce. The higher the wattage rating, the more the heat it will give off to your pet’s terrarium.

Here is an illustration. In our review, we came across a brand whose rating was 8 watts. We found yet another one whose rating was 16 watts. Which one should you pick in that case? If you want more heat, go for 16 watts.

Perhaps, the question that is disturbing your mind is how you will know whether you require the higher wattage. The answer has to do with the type of reptile you are keeping (we discussed this in the introductory part of this section).

Bearded dragons and other reptiles dwelling in deserts and tropical areas need more heat. So, the 16 watts heating pad will do well with them. For others that don’t require much warmth, 8 watts won’t be a bad buy.

You have to acquaint yourself with the specific needs of your pet to get them the best heater.

Ease of installation 

Some heating pads are difficult to install compared to others. For instance, those that come with adhesives are very user-friendly. You don’t need technical knowledge to attach them to the terrarium.

If, however, the heating pad lacks adhesives, you will need some knowledge to figure your way around. Which one is better? One that is easier to use and install or the other one?

The choice is yours. But we would advise against the latter.


All heating pads require some electricity to be operable. Cost-efficiency has to do with how well the one you go for can cut down on the use of electricity. Undoubtedly, you are already paying some electricity bills in your house.

You don’t want a product that will make things even more difficult for you. Hence, always be on the watch.

Additional features 

Check the additional features the given model has. To be a bit specific, you should check whether the heating pad comes with other things that are at the heart of its operation. A thermostat would be a good example.

Give priority to those with extra features as they will save you a lot of money. You wouldn’t have to buy a thermostat, thermometer, or controller separately.


Whether you like it or not, you need a heating pad if you are going to successfully keep a reptile as your pet. This is because their bodies rely on the surrounding environment to regulate their temperature.

So, it will be a bad idea to leave your pet unattended. You need to raise their body temperature to make them active. And active means that they can go about their routine hunting, eating, and breeding.

The real question is, which is the perfect reptile heating pad to purchase?

To answer that, we recommend the IPower small animals heating pad. The product is relatively cheap, and it can be used for a wide range of reptiles including amphibians. 

It also features a new technology heating film that is easy to heat up and subsequently, to transfer the heat to your pet’s terrarium. It has an adhesive which makes the installment process easy on your end.

Also, Ipower easily fits into any socket so you don’t need to look for a different adapter. 

Finally, the model is water-resistant, warranty protected, and also quite easy to clean. Grab yourself an Ipower reptile heating pad, keep your pet happy.

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