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Best Reptile Humidifier

What is the Top Reptile Fogger for Terrariums?

A home with pets is one full of love and care. Just like children, pets require plenty of favorable conditions for their healthy growth. Because of our varied preferences, some people keep reptiles, and are they not lovely creatures! How do you ensure your reptile grows healthy? A humidifier is one way.

Reptiles are cold-blooded. It does not mean that they wholly depend on water for their survival, but that they spend most of their lives in aquatic or humid environments. Warm blooded animals may not be able to withstand such conditions over long durations of time, and this makes reptiles special.

One of the best ways to ensure healthy growth for your pet is to deliver conditions ideal to their nature. The advantage you will be bagging here is that there will be lesser visits to the vet and your pet will most likely be getting a similar environment from what nature would provide. This, in turn, can mean comfort.

When they get thirsty, your reptile pet(s) may do well with a regular source of water. They may also love to bask or have need for UVA and UVB rays. If you can offer these among others to them, then you will be one step closer to being a happy parent. A humidifier can help deliver the best conditions.

Depending on the make or design, you could offer what your pet needs in plenty of different ways. Ease of use, among other factors like suitability, come into play when choosing the best humidifier. We will have a look at more in later sections of this article.

With the available brands of reptile humidifiers available, you may get confused on what to go for. We are, therefore, going to discuss some of the best models in the market today. Our list is as follows:

1. Oiibo 

Coming first, is the Oiibo, with a capacity of 2.2 liters and weighing 2.2 pounds. You may come to find it to be great for your reptile’s moisture requirements, following its make. It is ultrasonic and thus feeds fresh and clean air to your pet’s cage or enclosure, along with moisturizer vapor, just as clean and fresh.

The result is a suitable moist environment. This device’s 250-350 ml/hr range it fog output is a plus to your reptile’s comfort in its surroundings. You do not want to stress or hassle with refilling your device; at the bottom is Oiibo’s orifice, which makes filling the humidifier up with water pretty easy.

As we have seen, this humidifier at 2.2 liters, offers a large capacity, which should see you through some good time. A long extension tube is also ideal for easy use, and this device does not fail with its stretchable model. It allows for easy adjustability, thus affording you flexibility in getting your fit.

What is more, is that the Oiibo comes with two ports for fitting terraria. On compatibility, you may find it to be great for a wide array of reptiles and amphibians, which is a plus. That is not all—its automatic shut down mechanism makes it possible to turn the humidifier off upon the depletion of water in the tank.

You may find this device to be a lot easier to use, thanks to its instructional manual. Crowning it all, is the product’s compatibility with most enclosures. A notable setback with Oiibo is that you may not find it easy to clean the inside.


  • Quiet operation
  • Easily fillable tank
  • Great capacity
  • Compatible with most reptiles and enclosures
  • Automatic shut down mechanism


  • You may not find it easy to clean the inside.

2. Evergreen Pet Supplies

Coming second in our list, is the humidifier by Evergreen Pet Supplies, with a capacity of 2.2 liters and weighing 2.2 pounds. Like the Oiibo, this product has a quiet operation. You may also come to love its design, which is sleek and compact; something you would like to get for your reptile friend.

To get your pet’s humidity and moisture requirements right, this device enables you to make a fog level adjustment of well up to 300 ml/hr. Like the Oiibo, you may find this product to be ideal and suitable for a wide variety of reptiles and amphibians, thanks to its compatibility.

As we have seen, the Evergreen’s capacity is quire sufficient, and at 2 liters, should last you for long enough. You may not have to stress about refills in a while. You will also find that refilling is not difficult, and you may not have to worry about spilling. Is that all?

With this device, you get an automatic shut down mechanism, which should have you covered whenever water runs out of the tank or you probably are not arotnd. This is a plus to your pet’s safety and your peace of mind. The added instructional manual makes it easier to use the product.

Crowning it all, is this humidifier’s compatibility with most enclosures. A notable setback, however, is with refilling. While it is relatively easy and prevents spillage, you may need to take everything apart to do it.


  • Good, durable build
  • Consistent output
  • Quiet operation
  • Automatic shut down mechanism
  • Great capacity


  • You may need to take everything apart to refill it.

3. Aiicioo 

Coming third, is Aiicioo, with a whopping capacity of 3 liters and weighing 2.2 pounds. Just like the other two humidifiers, you should find this model to have quiet operation. You should, therefore, have peace that no interferences will be made to your pet’s comfort.

Because of its outstanding capacity, you may not have to worry about refilling this humidifier for long. This can be quite convenient, thanks to the lesser hassle and stress, and a continuous flow for your reptile. What is more to this product, is the control it allows you over your pet’s environment.

Its adjustability, as we have discussed with the first two products, allows you to tune the mist to a desired or suitable level. That is not all; Aiicioo’s automatic shut down mechanism gives a reptile owner peace of mind, knowing that it will turn off upon exhaustion of water in the tank.

You may generally love this product for its capacity and performance. It delivers much for long, without interrupting your pet’s peace or yours, thanks to its quiet operation. Its adjustability is something else, and the automatic shut down enhances the device’s safety. 

A notable setback, however, is with the product’s warranty, which lasts only a month


  • Quiet operation
  • Great capacity
  • Automatic shut down mechanism


  • Its warranty lasts only a month

4. Coospider

Coming third, is the Coospider, a good product with a similar capacity to Aiicioo, at 3 liters. It weight 2.5 pounds, and like our first three products, operates quietly. If you are hoping for your pet’s good, quiet sleep, then this could provide the right conditions. Let us find out more. 

Its strong build ensures that you use the product for long, so, you do not have to worry or stress about replacements and regular fixes. You may find the device’s fog output to be just what your reptile friend needs; the cool mist it feeds into the enclosure is ultra-fine.

Like our top three and as you should expect with any good reptile humidifier, this product enhances safety with its automatic shut down mechanism. If you worry that you may not always be around to check the tank’s water level, then this mechanism will ensure the humidifier turns off every time it runs dry.

Generally, you may come to love the Coospider for its large capacity, which may last you for long periods of no refills. It has a great build and silent operation. You may also love its automatic shut down. A notable setback is with this product’s ability to create mist.

Its release mechanism hinders the passage of water the ultrasonic base.


  • Great capacity
  • Durable 
  • Automatic shut down mechanism


  • Its release mechanism hinders the passage of water the ultrasonic base.

5. Zoo Med Reptirain 

Coming last but not the least viable option, is the Zoo Med Reptirain, weighing 2.7 pounds. There is not much information about this product, but since it deserves a place in our list, why don’t we have a look at what more it has to offer?

It may not provide all the features that the other products have, but this device does have something unique about its programmable misting. It allows you control over it, which is a plus, since you will be able to set conditions most favorable to your reptile friend.

What is special about this type of misting? Well, you get some extra settings, that is, four interval and duration settings. You should be able to offer your reptile friend most ideal conditions with the Zoo Med Reptirain. A happy pet at the end of the day, is a happy parent.

That is the little you may want to know about this device. Generally, you may love it for its unique programmable misting feature; it has interval and duration settings, which are a plus. You may find it easy to use, and portable, thanks to its compact size. 

A notable setback, however, is with its spray end, which leaks.


  • Programmable misting
  • Easy to use
  • Compact and portable


  • Its spray end leaks

Buying Guide

We have mentioned that reptiles are cold-blooded, and that they may spend most of their lives in aquatic or humid environments. But what does it mean to be cold blooded and how does it affect a reptile’s ability to lose or gain heat and moisture?

Among the conditions that you are going to often come across when having a reptile as a pet are their need to bask and also for a mushy surrounding. This means that reptiles are not well capable of regulating their temperature; the environment they are in may help a lot.

When they need to keep warm, you will see them basking for hours. They may also require proper humidity most times because even after hours, their bodies fail in moisture retention, when compared to warm-blooded animals. Is moisture important for reptiles?

It is, and here is why. One of the things you may want to enable your reptile keep doing when in a cage, is shedding. Their lives at many points involves the growth and replacement of their skins, through shedding. Without sufficient moisture, this process may not happen, or be successful.

While temperature goes hand in hand with humidity and you may often have to keep an eye on both, you should also consider the fact that there are many reptile species. Each has their preference of the levels of humidity that would do well for them. They may also have other varied needs.

Just like you would a baby, your reptile pet may require that specialized care. Find out what it is that they need for a healthy growth. Be sure to keep humidity and temperature levels constant by having a close eye on the tank. You can enhance its humidity with a bow of water.

Using a Humidifier

How you use your unit could have a bearing on how it performs, and thus how well your pet benefits. You may always get different results from varied products, and you should not be surprised that even the best products could fail to deliver optimally. So, how do you go about it?

You want to have your pet’s health in mind when handling a reptile humidifier. The kind of results you hope to achieve and the unit’s longevity may rely on you. So, one of the factors to watch out for here is water. While you could get varied opinions, distilled water is a worthy preference, and one that most manufacturers make.

Why should you avoid tap water? For your reptile’s best health, hard water may not be an ideal choice, following the risk of bacterial growth and a breed for harmful microbes from minerals which may stick on your unit. When mixed up with air and water vapor, they could harm your pet.

A reptile pet will require most conditions to be kept not only favorable but also consistent. If the air they breathe is not clean and fresh or the water they drink gets contaminated, you may need to see a vet. An ailing pet means a sad parent and a sad home.

With its health in your mind, you may want to watch it with not only the water you use but also the level of cleanliness that you maintain of your humidifier. Like many other devices, it is prone to dirt, and along with that come germs, molds, and even bacteria. These are horrible combinations for any pet’s health.

So, what do you do to ensure that you maintain proper hygiene when handling this unit? You should try to keep the tank and base clean on up to a weekly basis; empty and rinse it every time before cleaning it.  For your safety, do not forget to unplug the humidifier before cleaning it.

Factors to Consider

We have seen the various available humidifiers, and what each has to offer. It is also important to determine factors that you should consider when shopping for the best product. These factors should tell you what to look for. They include but are not limited to the tank capacity, extension, settings, and even adjustability.

Are you thinking of how to enhance both your comfort and that of your pet? A large capacity tank could be the way to go. With one, you do not have to stress about much. You will have enough water to see you through refills. The less you have to fill it, the less you have to worry about.

Every humidifier in the market has varying holding capacity. While we may all have varied preferences, you could look through our available options and go for something that will suit your capacity needs best. The beauty is that there is something for everyone.

How does water move up into the mistier from the tank? An extension hose would be your answer. Without one, your unit may not serve its purpose at all, because there has to be that flow of water. Each product comes with different makes of extension hoses.

Some will come long, while others, unfortunately, may fall short. If you are hoping for more flexibility with your device, then you may want to go for a long extension hose. What is more about it is that you can easily make adjustments to suit your needs.

A humidifier’s settings could determine how well and for hour long you will be able to use your device. There is also your pet’s safety to think about. Automatic shutdown is quite handy. When you leave the house and the tank runs dry, you may need someone to help turn the humidifier off or refill it.

Should it keep running, it could burn and even lead to accidents, which may harm your pet. Automatic shutdown turns off the system automatically; so, things will be quiet until you return, or reach someone who can help refill.

You may also want to consider your humidifier’s adjustability. As we have discussed, reptiles exist in a variety of species. Like every other living creature, they have varied preferences, and will, therefore, have different requirements when it comes to setting the right conditions.

You should try to deliver the most ideal conditions that will suit a particular reptile’s needs. This should allow you a fair adjustment range and avoid devices which may have either low or no adjustability. Get an adjustable piece to help with delivering the best conditions for your reptile friend.

Other factors that would be good to consider are like quiet operation, automatic shutdown and even durability. An excellent humidifier should serve most if not all of your pet’s environmental and conditional requirements. With your preference in mind, weigh your options.

You are spoilt for choice! All in all, remember to make a purchase that you can afford, and is a value for your money. Your reptile friend looks up to you for more comfortable, and healthier days—happy shopping!

Bottom Line

A happy pet makes a happy parent. Your pet may require certain conditions for a healthy living, most mimicking what nature would provide. If you can offer these conditions in the easiest way to them, then you will see happier days with your pet, worry less about their health, and even visit the vet lesser.

Reptiles require a special set of conditions, owing to their cold-blooded nature. Besides their need for fresh, clean air, you may also want to consider a UVA/UVB source, another for water, and even a platform that they can use to bask. A humidifier can provide these without causing you any trouble.

There are, however, plenty of brands with varied features in the market. As we have seen, there are also some factors that you should consider when you are thinking of buying a reptile humidifier. I would like to recommend that you go for the Oiibo Humidifier.

It has a capacity of 2.2 liters and weighing 2.2 pounds. It is also ultrasonic. This device has a 250-350 ml/hr range of fog output. At the bottom is Oiibo’s orifice, which makes filling the humidifier up with water pretty easy.

It comes with a stretchable extension tube and allows for easy adjustability. What is more, is that the device comes with two ports for fitting terraria. On compatibility, you may find it to be great for a wide array of reptiles and amphibians. 

It has an automatic shut down mechanism makes it possible to turn the humidifier off upon the depletion of water in the tank. You may also find this device to be generally easier to use, thanks to its instructional manual. Finally, it is compatibility with most enclosures.

There is no reason why you should not get this humidifier; buy the Oiibo today!

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