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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Watermelon

Is it Safe for Pet Beardies to Have Watermelon Rind?

Are you planning to make your pet beardie eat Watermelonfor breakfast? You must know some detailed facts about the fruit before you offer this to the reptile. This reptile is laid back by nature and loves pampering. As carnivores, they eat green veggies as well as the meat of insects like cricket, etc. The animals are easy to handle, and so the kids can keep them as pets easily. This incredible lizard species are in most demand as a pet due to its nature and easy handling. 

But in the case of having Watermelon, you need to consult a veterinary physician who can help you with details of the fruit and the benefits or the risks associated with consumption of the fruit. 

This affectionate animal with its charming personality can make you fall for it any moment. But you have to be careful to take care of the animal as it loves to get exploited in the right way. The right food at the right time of the day in a reasonable amount is what the bearded dragon looks for. You have to prepare the items they love the most.

For deciding on the inclusion of Watermelon in the green diet of a bearded dragon, you need to research well and deep. This will help you with exact facts and figures. It is a common fact the Watermelon is not tripping with nutrition like some other fruit. You have to cut it into smaller pieces for having them. Human beings do this for themselves, and the bearded dragon is no exception to this matter. 

What is unique about Watermelon?

Watermelon, a fruit green from outside and red from inside, is full of water. An analysis of the food’s nutritious factors is essential for considering it as a portion of your beardie’s appropriate food. You need to think of the fact in more significant details, such as 

Besides a significant amount of water, the fruit provides you a handsome amount of energy to work with. Though the carbohydrate percentage is quite balanced, the amount of protein and fat is low as being non-existent. As a human being, you want a sweet watermelon full of sugar, which can become a concern for the bearded dragons. 

The fruit is a house of Vitamins and minerals that can become useful for the reptile. Watermelon is a collection of a variety of vitamins such as Vitamin A, B6, C, D, E, and K. Some of the rare vitamins can be found in this readily available fruit across the world. You can get this at every grocery store. But the question of getting it for your pet beardie is still not solved. 

Among the minerals, you get sodium, calcium, and phosphorous at a balanced amount, but the iron level is not that good. But having so much in a single fruit itself is a boon. All these nutritional elements help keep the health of the consumer hydrated, required in the warm regions. Heart health gets improved with the consumption of quality Watermelon. It helps human beings to stay away from cancer. If you have experienced muscle soreness, it helps erase those facts, too, as a fruit; Watermelon has more than enough health benefits for the consumers. These are not only valid for human beings but also the bearded dragons. Though the reptile is way different from a human being, you still can’t take the fruit’s potentials. 

What about the bearded dragon and their diet?

Bearded dragons are not dragons, really, and only a species of reptile that includes eight subspecies may be. It has some unique characteristics, which has given the animal this impressive and striking name. Its real name is Pogona and can be found in any part of the world, but it depends on climate. 

Now the pogona has a role under their throat, which can be regarded as the beard of the reptile in fashion, and this brings it the name of beardie popularly. But this beard has some unique features too. It spreads out whenever the reptile feels unsafe or unprotected from some external threats. This unique and credible creation of nature is praised as a bearded dragon as the outlook you can see while keeping the reptile as a pet. 

The beardies are here to stay for longer…

The bearded dragons have a long lifespan compared to the other reptiles. In general, they live more than 10 to 15years but can live longer if properly taken care of. So, if you own a bearded dragon, you have to be careful and patient for a long. But this is also precious as you can get the creature in your possession for a long. 

The attachment creates with the owner is what people cherish from their beloved pets. This relation between the reptile and the human race is always unique and need praise. They have a long tail to enhance their beauty, and they can grow up to 45cms, including this tail. 

The diet of the bearded dragons includes.

The veterinary experts have mentioned the diet for this notable reptile species in detail, where they have mentioned the complete diet of the reptile. The bearded dragon’s proper diet includes mostly plant materials, consisting of vegetables and flowers of 80%, and fruits of 20%. The experts prefer green and heavy leaves for the reptile as these are appropriate in the morning diet. You can add red, orange, and yellow veggies at the meals but in a measured amount. 

The bearded dragons eat insects like a worm, cricket, and more. But they are eligible to eat meat also in a cooked condition. The experts have suggested they cooked lean meats like turkey, chicken, steak. But you have to remember that this cannot be included in a regular diet and can only remedy the lack of protein in the reptile. Sometimes, when the live feeders remain inaccessible for you to be presented to the bearded dragon, these meats can become a temporary solution. 

Can Watermelon become beneficial to the pogona? 

Some experts from different experimental agencies have mentioned that melons are safe for bearded dragons, and this you can say a positive aspect of the discussion. Compared to other green veggies and fruits, watermelons do not add much nutritious value to the diet. But the twist in the tale in this situation is bearded dragons love watermelons, and you can take advantage of this fact. 

You can use this sweet-tasting fruit to manage the appetite of the beardies when it should not have much fatty food to maintain its health and physique. You can use smart tricks of using melons at the top of the green salad bowl specially made for your pet reptile. This makes them enthusiastic as they eat every single fruit and veggies with the attraction of melons. 

Can Watermelon affect the reptiles adversely?

Watermelon’s intake in an unprecedented manner can become risky for the Pogona, as it is a sweet fruit; it can affect their digestive system or can affect the teeth badly. But if you can control the intake amount, it is of no such risk at all. Maybe the melons are less nutritious, but they are not bad for health in any sense. 

So, the verdict is- the bearded dragon can eat watermelons. But that too in a measured way and not regularly. The amount should not be as such that it can affect the health of the Pogona. Advice from experts is necessary to provide bearded dragons watermelons in their diet from time to time.

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