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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Kale

Is Kale Good for Pet Beardies to Have?

If you love your pet, it is quite natural that you will want to give it all sorts of nutritious foods. The foods which are considered to be healthy for human beings don’t need to be nourishing for the pets. So, for your bearded dragons, you may need to think about different other nutritious foods. Kale can be considered one of such foods that will be beneficial for your bearded dragon’s health.

Is Kale a safe food for Bearded Dragon?

You love your small Bearded Dragon very much, and you will not want to feed him or her with any food that can be harmful to his or her health. Before using Kale as a portion of food for your bearded dragon, you will surely want to check whether it is safe for your pet or not. Now, there are a few myths about this food which you will hear quite often. Before using Kale as an integral part of your pet’s diet, you need to get out of those myths.

As per the USDA reports, Kale can be considered a very safe food for Bearded Dragons, and you can make it a regular element of your pet’s diet. 

Kale has a high number of oxalates is a myth!

You may have heard that Kale contains oxalates, and because of this, it will not be beneficial to give this food to your pet regularly. It is a myth. If you follow the reports of USDA, Kale contains 20mg oxalates in every 100 grams. The truth is that all the green vegetables have a certain number of oxalates, and all the levels of oxalates are not going to hurt your bearded pet dragons. 

If you compare the oxalates’ level among the other 15 foods of the bearded dragons, you will find that it has the least oxalate amount. Some of the other green veggies like Spinach, Broccoli, Collards, and Watercress have much more oxalates. Spinach has the highest number of oxalates, which is 970 mg per 100 grams. 

There are some of the other things which may keep you a little worried about this veggie. You may have heard that Kale contains Goitrogens. The good news for you is that it includes a significantly less amount of this element, which is not going to have any sort of unfavorable effect on the health of your bearded dragon.

As it has got clear from the reports of USDA and VCA hospitals, it can be said that Kale is a very safe veggie that you can make a common element for the diet of the bearded dragons. Some of the specific health benefits which this veggie can provide to your dragon are given below. 

How nutritious Kale is:

Before you come to know how often you can make your bearded dragon feed with Kale, it is essential to know about its nutrition elements. Kale gives 35 Kcal energy, 4.41-gram Carbohydrate, 2.92-gram protein, and 1.49-gram lipid fat. Other than that, it also contains minerals like Sodium, Iron, Phosphorous, and Calcium. Apart from that, it also contains Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin D2 and D3, Vitamin K, and Vitamin B6.

Health benefits of Kale for your bearded dragon:

Excellent source of calcium – 

Having 254 mg of calcium in 100 grams of Kale, this food can be considered an excellent calcium source in your pet’s body. Calcium is considered to be one of the essential elements of your pet’s diet. Without a sufficient amount of calcium, your pet may suffer from metabolic bone disease. 

However, it doesn’t mean that you can use this veggie as an alternative to calcium supplements. Calcium is an essential element for the growth of your bearded dragon. So, along with all the other veggies, you can always go for calcium supplements. 

Having a low sugar level – 

Like any other greens and veggies, it is a low sugar food for your pet. It is essential to feed your pet with food that has a low sugar level if the bearded dragon’s intake of too much sugar may cause tooth decay, digestion problems, and obesity. 

Having all the essential minerals:

Having all the essential minerals, Kale is one of the best all-around foods for your pet. It has a low amount of phosphorous, which is also beneficial for your bearded dragon’s health.

Other benefits:

  • Vitamin A & C are incredibly beneficial to make an excellent immune system, growth, and reproduction.
  • Regulation of Blood Clots will be made by Vitamin K
  • Because of the Potassium, there will be lesser chances for your pet to have any kidney-related problems. It will also improve muscle function and will decrease water retention.
  • Manganese in Kale will prevent inflammation, and it will aid the metabolism rate of the body. 

Can your bearded dragons take Kale daily?

Well, now as you are out of the myth that Kale is full of oxalates, it can be said that you can feed your pet with Kale daily. However, it is always recommended to mix up the diet for the bearded dragons to help them get various nutrients. There are some of the other vegetables as well, which will have better nutritional elements than Kale as well. So, you should give them Kale two to three times every week. 

If you mix up Kale with the other nutritious veggies for your growing bearded dragon, it will benefit the pet. If you consider the best diet for the bearded dragons, you should give them veggies six days a week. On the seventh day of the week, you should keep the dragon in fast. You should only provide water to the dragon. To give them a perfect diet, you should keep the mixture of veggies with the other live foods like locusts and crickets. A mixed diet is going to be extremely beneficial for your dragon’s health. 

Preparation of Kale for the Bearded Dragons:

If you are thinking about preparing any veggies, the best possible way will be to go for the organic source. If you grow the food, organically it will be free from herbicides and pesticides. So, it will be free from all the toxic material which can be harmful to your pet. 

Before giving the veggie, it will be essential to wash it properly. Even if you do not see any dart with your open eyes, the vegetables can contain bacteria. Taking such food can be harmful to your pet’s stomach. So, whenever you are giving Kale to your bearded dragon, you should wash it properly. You should wash your hands properly.

The washed leaves are required to be chopped with a knife. Then you can serve the same to your dragon. You can either give this food separately or mix it with some other veggies or live foods. 

If you have a Bearded Dragon, you will surely want to continue the most nutritious diet for him or her. It is necessary that the dragon can increase, and it can keep a safe distance from any worst diseases. Going through this article will surely change your mind about using Kale as an element of your pet’s daily diet chart. It is not only safe to include this as a veggie, but at the same time, it can have several health benefits, as already discussed. Go out of the myth and feed your pet with Kale along with a balanced diet.  

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