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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Broccoli

Is it Safe for Pet Beardies to Have Broccoli Raw?

Bearded dragons are considered such a fantastic creature that many people are kept as pets out there. The owner of this beautiful creature might want to feed it with healthy food, maintaining a balanced diet. Broccoli happens to be an excellent food option in this regard. 

But it is essential to know whether bearded dragons can eat Broccoli or not. Not all reptiles and lizards are allowed to eat all kinds of vegetables. This is why it is significant to know how Broccoli will influence a bearded dragon’s diet. 

Can a bearded dragon manage to EatBroccoli?

The bearded dragons love to eat Broccoli, and it even provides an excellent balanced diet to them. But you should not feed them too much Broccoli as it has some amount of oxalates. Oxalates generally bind the calcium as well as prevents this from getting absorbed into the body. 

As an owner of a bearded dragon, you need to know about Broccoli’s nutritional value and impact before feeding it to your pet. A food that is good for a human might not be appropriate for a creature like a bearded dragon.  

As per the various researches and studies, Broccoli is considered suitable and healthy for the consumption of a bearded dragon. This has been heavily supported by different vets as well as reptile nutritional sites. 

Benefits of feeding broccoli to the bearded dragon

A bearded dragon, in most cases, gets most of the required protein from the insects. But if you want to feed your pet with some extra protein from green vegetables, Broccoli is undoubtedly an excellent option. 

Like other veggies, Broccoli is relatively low on sugar, which is very beneficial for the bearded dragons. It is an essential thing as creatures like bearded dragons must not consume so much sugar. Else, they will develop plaque and tartar on teeth like humans. This issue can create other health problems for the creature. As their teeth are built on their jaw hence affected teeth will also affect their bone.

Broccoli is known to be high in several other minerals like folate, potassium, fiber, vitamin K, vitamin C, and these minerals help in the production and maintenance of the cells in their body. 

Are there health risks of feeding Broccoli to a bearded dragon?

As you know, there are so many perks and benefits of offering broccoli to your bearded pet dragon. But it is also significant to explore if there are any health concerns or issues in feeding the dragon this green veggie. 

Broccoli happens to contain 47mg of the mineral calcium in every 100g. This is known to be quite reasonable, to say the least, as bearded dragons require a very high amount of calcium mineral in their diet because it keeps their bones healthy and fit. 

But you might be thinking then, where are the problems here? Right? The problem lies in the fact that Broccoli has high phosphorous levels than calcium, and it is known to be quite unhealthy for calcium absorption to a bearded dragon. 

On the other hand, Broccoli is also likely to contain a high amount of a component known as oxalates. As per various reports and studies, this component binds the calcium and stops it from being absorbed with several other trace minerals in the bearded dragon’s body.

This simply indicates that any kind of calcium bearded dragon intakes will be regarded as useless. As a result, it will leave the creature without a vital nutrient even after consuming it. 

This is why you should only feed your bearded dragon in a moderate amount, this same for other food with high amounts of oxalates. 

Oxalates in Broccoli and its impact

The presence of oxalates in Broccoli should not prevent you from feeding this green veggie to your bearded dragon. But it would be best for you to offer this vegetable to this pet of yours occasionally. 

The amount of oxalates in Broccoli is not that high if you compare it with some other greens and vegetables. Different kinds of Broccoli contain the varied level of oxalates in it. It is likely to vary from 0.3 to 13 mg of component oxalates in every 100g. But on the other hand, frozen spinach happens to have 90mg of oxalates in each 100mg. Therefore Broccoli can still be a good veggie option for your bearded pet dragon compared to several other vegetables like frozen spinach. 

The requirement of calcium supplementation for bearded dragon

Broccoli is considered an excellent and healthy food for your pet dragon because it fulfills the need for calcium supplements. There are other vegie and food that have calcium in them, but Broccoli has the perfect amount. Hence, it is undoubtedly the best option.

Your bearded pet dragon requires a sufficient amount of calcium supplement as part of its diet and nutrition. If there is a lack of calcium in the body, it can create several health issues like severe bone disease. This, in turn, can cause other problems like difficulty in walking, weak limbs, tremors, and death. 

Should a bearded dragon consume Broccoli regularly?

Broccoli is suitable for your bearded pet dragon, and it should be consumed in a moderate amount. But the important thing is to know how often or frequently you should feed your bearded dragon with Broccoli. Is it okay for the creature to eat Broccoli regularly? Or will it be harmful to consume this veggie?

Many experts or vet nutritionists give their definite opinions as to how frequently Broccoli should be fed to a bearded dragon. 

  • Some experts say that it is okay to feed Broccoli to a bearded dragon every day.
  • On the other hand, some experts say that it should be given to this creature occasionally. 

In general, it is believed that it is known to be healthy to feed Broccoli to bearded dragons every once every 2 to 4 weeks. This frequency is considered to be enough. This number is loosely based on personal recommendations. Hence, the frequency should vary depending on various factors. It would be great for you to consider your pet’s individual needs after visiting a professional vet. 

How to prepare the Broccoli for your bearded dragon?

  • Most of the greens and vegetables come with harmful pesticides. Just like a human, such foods are also unhealthy for a bearded dragon. This is why you are supposed to get organic Broccoli and other vegies for this creature. It may cost you a little more, but this will be very healthy for your bearded dragon. 
  • You are required to clean the Broccoli first as it contains different kinds of bacteria. Washing it correctly will be suitable for your pet; otherwise, the bearded dragon might fall ill. 
  • It is always known to be a better option for you to feed your dragon raw Broccoli as it contains a fair amount of nutrients.
  • Cut the Broccoli into small pieces so that it will be easier for the creature to eat.


The bearded dragon is a fantastic creature and pet. But rearing it and taking care of it is a huge responsibility. You should give its health the utmost importance. And feeding it with Broccoli will be a healthy thing. 

This article will give you a clear and considerate idea as to whether Broccoli will be a good food option for this pet of yours or not. Broccoli’s bottom line is an acceptable food option, but it should be fed in a moderate amount.

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