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Adoption fees: 

Small lizards $25 (EX: leopard geckos, crested geckos, etc.)

Small snakes $25 (EX: most colubrids like ratsnakes, kingsnakes, hognoses, etc.)

Medium lizards $35 (EX: bearded dragons, blue tongued skinks, etc.)

Medium snakes $35 (EX: ball pythons, blood pythons, etc.)

Large lizards $50 (EX: tegus, iguanas, most monitors, etc.)

Large snakes $50 (EX: redtailed boas, Burmese pythons, Reticulated pythons, etc.)

Turtles and tortoises: $35

Amphibians $10- 25

Invertebrates $25

Once an application has been approved, a signed, legal adoption contract is required. To see what you will be agreeing to, see the sample contract here. Not every animal is approved for breeding, and special requirements exist if the animal is adopted by an educational institution.  



Shipping fees, when necessary, are in addition to the adoption fee, and are dependent on the weight of the animal involved. Shipping is done by FedEx overnight.  Please understand that while I do my very best in ensuring the safety of any shipped animal, that things beyond my control can and will happen from time to time. Any losses are at the risk of the adoptive party. To date, I have had only one loss, and it was not due to poor packing.

My goodness, I hadn’t realized it had been so long since I updated this paragraph! The pics update via another website, so I’d forgotten to take care of this end of things.

We still have SEVEN ball pythons that need homes, along with several corn snakes, king snake, boas, and other critters. Please adopt one of these wonderful companions. There are others shown below, too! Please adopt!

If you are interested in adopting any of these animals, please submit a separate application FOR EACH SPECIES. Remember that some rescues may need minor TLC. Most are fine. Any known issues are shown on the info page for that animal. I do not knowingly adopt out animals that need more than basic TLC.

Look at our animals, then APPLY HERE. (Click)

Note:  Clicking on an animal takes you to the Adopt A Pet website. Click on the link there to come back here, or right click the animal below and open in a new window.

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